Upcoming Online Slot Tournaments: Are You All in Readiness?

For many people, slots typify the overall online gambling experience. They are fun, easy and quite exciting. What’s more, they don’t cost much. Playing online slots, as many would agree, is just like playing a silly video game for a small fee. If you win, well and good, and if you don’t, you still get your money’s worth!

To make your slot experience even better, you can check out some upcoming slot tournaments listed below.

Weekly Kickoff by All Jackpots Casino

All Jackpots Casino is certainly not an established name in the online gambling arena. However, their overall appearance and a number of positive experiences among online gamblers suggest that they mean business. Their Weekly Kickoff Slot Tournament is a fine example of this. This tournament is hosted on a Wednesday to Wednesday basis.

It is basically a free roll with a jackpot of €1,000.

GoWild Sunday Night Free Roll

GoWild Casino is an exciting new player at the European online casino scene. In a short span, many favourable reviews have already been floating around, especially about their excellent customer services.

Sunday Night Free Roll is a weekly slot tournament hosted by GoWild Casino. It is a free-for-all tournament where the grand prize is fixed at €500. Every Sunday, at least three rounds of this tournaments are known to take place.

Saturday Slots by Black Lotus Casino

Every Saturday, a free roll slot tournament is organized by Black Lotus Casino. This tournament features over 20 different slots. Every first week of the month, progressive jackpots are incorporated into these Saturday Slot tournaments.

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