National Lottery Shaking Things Up With More Numbers

National Lottery skaes up more numbersIn its long history of 21 years, the National Lottery is adding 10 extra numbers to their line up as well as bringing in even more millionaire raffles and mega-rollovers. This will make the lottery jackpot even harder to win but the top prize limit is going to be up to $45,000,000. While some are worried that this may increase the amount of gambling over all, the owners are hoping that this will shake things up and keep the lottery fresh and interesting to people.

The New Odds in the New National Lottery System

Currently, the odds of winning the 49 number jackpot is 14,000,000 to 1. There will now be 59 numbers to choose from, which will make the odds even slimmer. That’s the just the jackpot though, the company says that adding these new numbers will boost the ability to win any prize at all from one in 54 to one in a little over 9. The ability to win over a million (not the whole jackpot) will change from one in 14 million to one in 10 million. First time users of this new system will only require two numbers to receive a prize.

How Winning in the New System Will Work

There’s currently a system in place that allows for four roll-overs, but that existing system is going to be scrapped completely for a cap on the jackpot of $50 million dollars. If nobody matches it with 6 numbers, then the sum will be given out to the ticket holders that have five numbers and a bonus ball.

A Recap of the Changes in the New System

The main things that are changing will be the balls that are increasing in number from one to forty nine to one to fifty nine. The odds of winning the big prize will increase from one in fourteen million to one in forty-five million. The odds of becoming a millionaire will actually be better, as it will cause the odds to go from one in fourteen million to one in ten million. Winning the lottery will become much more common for people, which will lead people to wonder just what to do when they win.